Vancouver . BC . Canada . 2013-2014

Michel Laflamme Architect

Client’s Request
To create a relaxing space with clean lines for guests to escape modern life’s constant stimulus. Every design decision should contribute in its own way to relieve stress and discover healing.

Architectural Solution
The pristine white lobby, which includes reception and retail, is wide open to the street welcoming people inside to a clean and peaceful environment.

At the top of the ramp, beyond a solid wood door, a quietening and warmly-lit fir-clad hallway ensures guests lose all connections to the outside world.

This super-natural hallway provides access to all the minimally designed amenity rooms. Once the treatment is complete, a comfortable chill-out lounge on the top floor gently reconnects guests to the outside world providing a view of the local mountains and sky.

2 float tanks; 2 float cabins; 4 massage chairs; 2 infra-red saunas; 4 vanity rooms; chill- out room & retail area.